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We are team of dedicated and vibrant lawyers with expertise in various laws. Our knowledge emanates from our academic backgrounds, the legal training we have had on matters of law, and our legal practice in different jurisdictions.

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Our Services

We provide services within and beyond South Sudan. We corporate with other law firms and consultancy institutions within North and East African region, and globally in providing legal services to our clients across the world.

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Initial Client Engagement


Contact Us

Reach out to us online or by visiting our offices and schedule a meeting with our legal advisors and representatives. Our team is always ready to recieve you either online through our email (info@witnesslaw.com) or directly at our Offices in Hai Malakal, Opposite UAP, Juba, South Sudan. You can also call on

+211 (0) 915094741 or +211 (0) 926720000


File Opening

The File Opening is an introductory process whereby we get acquainted with the client’s business/activities or gets informed of the specific instructions of the client. A file is thereafter opened for the client with certain documents that explain the nature of the client’s business/activities and the client’s legal needs. This helps the Firm to quickly respond to clients legal needs at any time.


Legal Risk Assessment

This entails a legal audit engagement whereby the client contracts us to audit the legal aspects of its business/activities. It is aimed at analysing the client’s business/activities so as to discover potential legal loops that may arise as a legal problem in the future and recommend legal solutions before the problems arises. This can be done quarterly, semiannually or annually as per the needs of the client.

Client-Firm Engagement

We have in place two forms of arrangements that govern our relationship with our clients. These arrangements are as captured below.

Work Based engagements

The Work Based Agreement is a form of arrangement between us and the client whereby the client engages us on a case by case basis. This entails the client giving us specific instructions upon which the firm and the client agree on the fees payable. 

Retainer Agreement

The Retainer Agreement is a form of arrangement whereby the client signs an agreement with us for provision of legal services for an agreed period of time. The Firm and the client therefore agree on an annual or monthly fee to cover the agreed legal services.  

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The Firm is located in Hai Malakal, east of the Muslim mosque, Opposite UAP Tower, Juba, South Sudan


Tel: +211 (0) 915094741 or +211 (0) 926720000

Email: info@witnesslaw.com